Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tribe Time

We took the girls to another Tribe game in July.  I was invited to attend in the Indians Social Suite.  The Social Suite was a new feature at the stadium last season.  It was a very busy at the Jake that day!

Lots of fun things for Maris and Daddy.
The day we went was chock full of great stuff for the kids.  These robots were out on the Gateway Plaza along with the Jungle Terry Animal Show, the Game Stop video gaming tent, “outfield wall jump” photos, batting cages, and speed pitch.  There was a Dunk Tank, 300 plus tons of sand and “Fins to the Left”-Buffet/Beach Boys Cover Band for "Beach Weekend."  It was Slider's birthday so he was giving out vouchers for birthday cupcakes.  And Crave Chocolate Milk had a tent up, handing out samples.  What a great day to head to the baseball game!

Something for Mama, too!
PS - Omar was there. 

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