Friday, January 6, 2012

Apple Picking

In the first week of October, we took the girls apple picking.  For the past several years we have gone to Pick N Save Orchard.  This year we decided to try a different place, Geig's Orchard.  We prefer a bare bones apple picking experience.  We don't need hayrides, and corn mazes or any of the other things offered by some of the farms.  Pick N Save and Geig's both fit those criteria, but next year we'll go back to PnS.  They label each row of trees (Geig's only had a map at the front of the orchard) and it was much less crowded. 

Notice how we had nicer weather for October apple picking than for June strawberry picking.  So goes it, in Ohio.

Maris always does more tasting than picking.
Although, she comes by it honestly.
And so, I have to train  Paige too.
                                                                                                               We made pumpkin applesauce, dutch apple pie, and butterscotch apple cake.

These little things were made with the small pieces of leftover pie crust.  My aunt and grandma are practically famous for these.  I kind of just made it up because I have never asked how they are done.  I just folded them over, brushed with melted butter, topped with cinnamon/sugar, and baked until with the pie until they looked like they were about done.  YUM.

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