Sunday, January 15, 2012

Christmas, Part 4

Sometimes, I think I'm still a kid.  What, you didn't know?  My favorite activities and traditions are the ones that involve me being a (grown up) child to my parents.  This year was the first year that we didn't do Christmas morning at their house.  It was very strange, and I am not sure I liked it.  I loved every second of Christmas morning with Johnny and our girls, but I didn't like what I was missing!  Luckily it worked out that we could postpone Christmas morning at their house just one day.  It won't always work like that, but I figure at some point, my kids will get up early enough that we can still head over to my parents house for what I like to call:
Grandma's in Pajamas!

It is totally not catching on.  I don't know why.  

We were excited to Skype with my brother and Vicki.  They gave us a great Christmas present in telling us they will be coming home for Paige's first birthday this month!

I wasn't kidding about the pajamas.

Paige does not look happy about being confined while there is presents wrapping paper around.
When mailing gifts cross-country through the Westlake post office, drastic measures must be taken.
After gift opening, we had Christmas French Toast (greatest food EVER!) and Sausage Egg Casserole.  Then we went home and played with new toys.  Everyone went to bed early.  The end.

PS - Do you have a gorillapod for your camera?  You should!

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