Thursday, July 28, 2011

THE Wedding

My brother was married on June 17th.  I still can't believe it.  We love his wife (ah!) and are thrilled to welcome her, officially, to our family.  Their wedding was phenomenal.  Not since my own, have I enjoyed a wedding this much!  So many touches to make the day special for them.

For example, notice a lack of females?  Vicki had a Man of Honor (her cousin, Jerry) and my brother had two best men.

The wedding party
They selected Vicki's cousin as ring bearer.  Vicki's goddaughter was a junior bridesmaid.  Then there was Maris: Flower Girl Extraordinaire.

My brother and Vicki asked Johnny to do the honors of performing the ceremony.  Getting ordained online is a real thing!


They were married on the beach.  The weather was perfect. They made interesting, original music choices.  Vicki's brother, Nick, walked her down the aisle.  Johnny performed a flawless ceremony.  It seems like every piece of the wedding was put together with a thought of how to make it personal and special.


This one was a crowd favorite.

My favorite family photo to date!

The newly expanded Campana(Hughes) family.

Thank you, Daniel and Vicki, for allowing us to be such an integral part of your special day.  We love you!

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