Sunday, July 24, 2011

Memphis Kiddie Park

Cleveland has a wonderful miniature amusement park called Memphis Kiddie Park.  It opened in 1952.  Children of all ages are welcome but it really caters to the pre-school and school-age groups.  The Memphis Kiddie Park really is a wonderful asset to the Cleveland community.

Recently, Maris's playgroup held the annual group birthday party at the park.  Most of the boys have been before, but Maris was a newbie.

She took her first roller coaster ride.

This was not how she looked when she disembarked!  At least there were no tears.

Did some spinning - which was much more her speed.

Dizzy Jeeps

After the rides, the kids had cake.

Another Johnny masterpiece.

We tried to end the day with a group shot.  You would think as the kids got older the group shots would get easier!  (We have three other little friends not pictured here.)

I'm including, for reference, a picture from when they were all about 1 and the 2nd birthday party.
About 18 months old.
Two year olds!

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