Sunday, July 31, 2011

An Elephant Never Forgets

They're back!  The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo built a beautiful new habitat for its biggest residents.  The finished product is gorgeous.  The animals seem to love it as well.  I hope it really shines a spotlight on our wonderful zoo.

There are two huge outdoor spaces.

The elephants have indoor space as well - to escape the cold Cleveland winters, I presume.

We loved the new elephant exhibit and can't wait to go back to visit!

While we were there, we figured we would say hello to some of the other animals too.  During our last visit of 2010, we were hoping to see the baby rhino that had been born.  It was too young to be out yet though.  This time he (she?) was wandering around the rhino yard with his mama.

And finally the polar bears are always a favorite with the Hughes Family.

Hey, wait a minute...

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