Saturday, February 4, 2012

Paige's Birthday Party

We can't believe Paige is already ONE!  Time flies!

After a big soup and bread buffet, Paige tried out cake for the first time!

Maris helped her blow out the candle.
This was as messy as she got.  I had high hopes for the smash cake!

After cake, we opened presents.  Our family and friends were so generous.  Paige now has a full wardrobe of adorable 100% cotton clothes for summer, and some fun toys to play with too!

Showing off a cute shirt.
Say "Ahhhhh!"
Making a break for it.

We are so grateful to everyone who cooked for us, helped us set up, made sure the cake arrived in one piece, and then helped us clean up!

Super Family

8 Mile

Our gift for Paige is on back order and we have no idea when or if it will arrive.  Good thing she doesn't know any better!  I obviously can't share pictures of that yet, so here's one of her enjoying a ride-on toy from G'ma and G'pa C.  

(If we put a hood up on her, she insists on wearing it that way until the shirt comes off.)

If you are interested, you can read more about the details of Paige's party on my other blog.

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