Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 9: 01.09.10 (Domino's Pizza)

We don't order much pizza or take out, don't eat out a whole lot, and never buy fast food. Mostly this is because of Johnny's No Carb Diet. It is too hard to manage when you didn't make the food yourself. However, last week, after seeing the commercial for Domino's All New Pizza, we promptly hopped on the computer, and ordered two large pizzas and cinna-stix.

First of all, the new seasonings they put on the crust were to die for. Delicious garlic and butter based goodness. Mmmm. It was so good I had to write a kudos letter. It was also a complaint letter because only one of our pizzas had said goodness on it. I e-mailed their customer service and within one day had an e-mail from a rep at the corporate level. The day after that, a call from the manager of the location we ordered from. He offered us an apology and a $20 credit to order again.

Which we did today. And guess what happened when we got our pizza home. Only one pizza had the special new seasonings! Because I now think I might just be going nuts, Johnny called and inquired. We found out again, that both pizzas should have had the new crust... just like last time. There was no mention of another credit. Nor should there have been since we were already eating for free.

Two morals of the story:
1) Go try the all new pizza from Domino's Pizza! It is yummy!
2) When you pick it up or have it delivered, check to make sure the pizza is actually all new before you pay!
(okay 3) Domino's has wonderful customer service)

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kailani said...

I haven't had a Dominos Pizza in years! My Mom used to order them every Friday when I was younger and I got so tired of them. I wouldn't mind one now, though. :-)