Saturday, January 23, 2010

Day 22: 01.22.10

I have two today. Are you allowed to do two in one day?

This is Maris and her friend "Yonny" (Johnny). My friend and I made a plan to take them to Playground World for free play. I should do a review. It's a great idea and a wonderful place, but I don't think I'd take Maris back until she's 1) old/big enough to climb on LARGE playground equipment or 2) has the understanding to not run in front of swings (shout out to all the strangers who yanked their swinging children away from all the toddlers running into the line of fire.)

I think this has been my scariest mom moment so far. Almost two hours after going to bed, Maris woke up screaming. I went to her immediately (definitely a different cry from just not wanting to be in bed), calmed her down, covered her back up, and began to sing to her. As I sang to her, I ran my fingers through her hair. That was when I discovered she had twirled her finger through her hair to a point of getting it stuck. No wonder she was screaming! When I couldn't untangle it and free her finger I called my husband up to help. He ended up having to cut her hair to get her finger loose. I never saw it (lights weren't turned on until Johnny came in), but he said the finger was blue. He's a nurse so I trust when he says she was actually close to having permanent damage. Thank goodness I like to play with her hair as much as she does! Crisis averted, cuddles with Mommy, and back into bed without so much as a peep.

Unfortunately, I have the first lock from a haircut a little earlier than I wanted to!

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