Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Crazy Christmas Train - Stop 4

Are you tired yet?  We were!

Santa spoiled the girls again this year.  No matter how much we plan on him cutting back, he keeps showing up with gobs of gifts.

Both girls were so funny.  They wanted to really inspect each and every gift if not open it right up and play with it.  It took hours to open the presents.

Coming downstairs in the morning!

She looks excited to dig in!

This one was a big hit.

Santa always brings Erie a gift too.  This year, a dinosaur bone.

LEGO ornament

A make-up doll was the one thing she asked Santa for.

Well good morning, Sleepyhead!

Paige was very excited to get her own chair just like Sissy's!

It was a nice relaxing Christmas morning!

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