Friday, January 11, 2013

September - November

So, I guess it looks like I just sent Maris off to school and sat around eating bon bons until now.  We did do a couple exciting things since she headed off to her second year of preschool.

Maris had her first trip to Cedar Point.  She was brave enough to try the small roller coasters, but really she prefers the rides that stay level and just go around in circles... slowly.

Grandpa came along because we heard he liked roller coasters too.

Then we had our annual trip to Amish Country.  That trip should be quarterly, at least.  They have these peanut butter sandwich cookies with peanut butter filling that are the size of my hand.  Anyone reading this is free to bring me one of those at any time.  Tangent, sorry.

Thanks Aunt Elisabeth for the fun bonnets!  (Paige was totally into prairie life.)

All of a sudden it was Halloween.  Halloween itself wasn't much fun.  Anyone local will know that's because our area got a little secondary Superstorm Sandy action.  Somehow Lake Erie contributed and we ended up without power for 44 very long hours.  The plus side to this was when Trick or Treating was postponed, that meant Uncle Dan and Aunt Vicki were able to come along!

Practicing her princess wave.
Rapunzel (not that she needs the wig.  See above.) and a ladybug.

Uncle Dan and Aunt Vicki visited for Uncle Dan's 30th birthday!

Next it was Thanksgiving.

Hughes genes rock.

Then we had the week where Johnny grew out his mustache.  Hey, it's worth mentioning.  It was a big deal around here.  Maris was NOT a fan.

It was pretty fierce.
See, we weren't just sitting around doing nothing!

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