Saturday, August 25, 2012


Maris has a little friend, Scarlet, whose birthday is right after the 4th of July.  Her party this year was a Tangled theme.  If you ask me, they knocked the decorations out of the park!

Rapunzel's braid.  Hanging from the tower of the swing set!
Flynn Rider WANTED posters.
They had a Rapunzel impersonator come to give the girls dance lessons, read them a story, and give mini make-overs (which is why Maris is shimmering in some of the photos).

Despite the fact that it was 8,000 degrees everyone had fun!

This one is going to be trouble...
Scarlet's grandpa built the whole swingset by hand.  It's made from cedar so it smells heavenly.  It has TWO towers (one for each princess as her parents say) and check this out:

There are stars carved into the ceilings of the towers!!!  I wonder if I could get him to build ME one!

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