Sunday, May 2, 2010

P365: Day 122

May 2, 2010

We are part of a wonderful playgroup. We met weeks after the babies were born at nursing support clinic for new moms. Everyone attended the others' first birthday parties over the course of the spring months last year, but we thought it would be more fun and cost effective to just have a party for group this year. One mom suggested bowling. I was leery at first but it was so fun!! There was no way to choose one photo from today.

Here is Maris and her buddy, Nate, checking out what this bowling thing is all about.

Maris takes her first shot!

I think she liked it! Waiting at the ball return for her second attempt.

And here she goes. She's taking this very seriously.

Which apparently paid off because...

Two spares on her first two turns! She's a bowling rockstar!

Okay Maris, now you're just getting a big head. Watch your shot.

All the kids lined up (kind of) for a group photo.

Interested in the final score? PBA here we come!!!

Lastly, remember those mysterious ingredients from a couple days ago? They turned into this.

It was a fabulous fun day.

Happy 2nd Birthday to Maris and her boys!

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